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During some of the summer months we refer you to our Facebook page for video updates.

KandCd at the Crossroads
KandCd at the Crossroads8 hours ago
The world is in need fo some of God's wisdom. Don't you agree? This is James 3:13-18
KandCd at the Crossroads
2020-07-06 Monday
James 3:13-18
KandCd at the Crossroads
KandCd at the Crossroads1 day ago
The J Club and Sunday School Leaders send you their good wishes and some little news snippets
KandCd at the Crossroads
2020-07-05 Sunday Special Greetings
A season like no other!
KandCd at the Crossroads
KandCd at the Crossroads1 day ago
Bishop David "joins us" to lead us through Psalm 23: a Call to Care. https://youtu.be/gRQRWYQwJDk
KandCd at the Crossroads
2020-07-05 Sunday
Psalm 23 A Call to Care
KandCd at the Crossroads
KandCd at the Crossroads2 days ago
Saturday, the end of the week, gives us time to reflect on what we have thought and done and said this week. Today is about the tongue from James 3:1-12 Who can control their tongue?
KandCd at the Crossroads
2020-07-04 Saturday
James 3:1-12
KandCd at the Crossroads
KandCd at the Crossroads3 days ago
5 July and 12 July Drive-ins
19 July at 10:00 am in St Ignatius' and 12:00 pm in St Andrew's. Services in church.
26 July at 10:00 am in St Ignatius'.
Drive in returns to St Andrew's on 26th.
KandCd at the Crossroads
Returning to In-Church Worship
An idea of what to expect when you return to worship in your local church building. Not all parishes will open together so please remember to check all the d...

Welcome to our video gallery of some recent daily services for parishioners and friends of Killaney and Carryduff, created during lockdown in Northern Ireland during 2020. An archive set is available here.

7 thoughts on “Daily Service Video Gallery

  1. The Daily Video Service is due to finish at the start of July. I would appreciate suggestions for what you would like in their place. This is not the place for praise or criticism of the videos, just suggestions for what you would like to change or stay as we move to less frequent videos.
    Please note that your comments will not automatically appear below; there is an approval process which WordPress has in place which helps prevent spam appearing on our church page. The comments need to be approved or to be from a person who as already had several comments approved. This is tedious for me so will only happen every few hours at the earliest.

    1. Problem on website with my first comment !
      I do appreciate the amount of time, effort and preparation involved in Daily Services but I would miss them a lot especially at the present time.
      Even a couple of short Morning Talks each week would be a great help and comfort to me and others I am sure.
      Carol Hanna.

  2. I do appreciate the amount of time , effort and preparation involved in the Daily Services and would miss them a lot especially at the present time as they do give me and many more people I am sure such comfort. Would it be possible to have even a couple of short Daily Services during the week please ?
    Thanks very much
    Carol Hanna

  3. Please note your comments do not automatically appear on this page until either I have “approved them” (to avoid people spamming the site) or you have had several comments approved in the past. I will approve them every few hours.

  4. 1. Sunday morning service in whatever form is feasible.

    2. Short service of HC on Wednesday mornings on video and/or, when feasible, in either church with a limited

    3. Possibly have HC on alternate Wednesday mornings with the other Wednesdays having a five minute thought
    for the day.

    4. Friday morning short (10 minute) video session. Thank you, Denis and Jennifer

  5. A parishioner added these thoughts in an email:

    ‘If it was possible to record the live service in church, edit it and put it online that would be a good solution. As that wouldn’t go out until maybe Tuesday or Wednesday, could a short clip be put out on Sunday morning for those who can’t come to church so they feel they are still involved in the church community. This could be a reflection or prayers. It could be pre prepared so that everything’s not happening for you or your team at the same time of the week?”

  6. Another person messaged me to with this:
    To have videos every day is very demanding and not really possible as the ‘ new normal ‘ returns again. Only throwing this out :
    How about if one team member was to do a Monday, and Stephen does the video only
    Communion service online on a Wednesday – which you normally have anyway.
    Then Sunday service is recorded in the church and put online.
    I honestly think this is the time to look at new ways of ministry and how we can reconnect with those who don’t attend church or reach out to those in our parishes who are household or ill and can’t attend church anymore through no fault of there own.
    Keeps the connection to the church family and time of worship together every Sunday.

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