Face masks

All people attending worship inside St Ignatius' must now adopt the practice of wearing a face mask, as is the case for people meeting inside various buildings.This is now an instruction, as we have become more familiar with the practice in recent weks. .Stephen

Service Sheets

Links added here will take you to service sheets for Sunday 26 July. Please note that God willing (DV), the service on 26 July at 10:00 am will be in St Ignatius' Church, while the 12:00 noon service will be a Drive-In at Killaney.


When we visit our parishes' website many of our browsers warn "This site is not secure". It is as secure as such a site needs to be. If we were to, for instance, open this site, (or any site on the web with http:// at the start of it), then we would be ill advised … Continue reading Secure?

The Call to Pray for Ireland

Viist this diocesan page to see the prayers we have been asked to pray today. https://www.downanddromore.org/news/2020/04/bishop-davids-palm-sunday-call-to-prayer Prayer A Heavenly Father,We pray for all those on the frontline of the fight against Coronavirus.For doctors, nurses, pharmacists and all medical staff, especially those we know (name any known to you).For all those working in essential services (name … Continue reading The Call to Pray for Ireland